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Woodie Feedback

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So after Woodie's rework, and the potential/ideas that came with it, I really like it, the concept of the whole thing is really nice. One of the main things i like about it is how the werebeaver forms come in 3 different types, and how useful they can be.The goose is focused on mainly traveling, while the moose is focused on combat.

However, These forms don't last too long, and the consequences make them really hard to maintain. You lose 20 health and sanity, it also is extremely short and you have to actively use it to maintain it, which doesn't make much sense at all.This whole rework still makes him really inferior to Maxwell and a lot of other characters, because it's just such a hassle to keep it up.A good solution is to scale down the side effects and scale up the cost to make these idols, it would be perfect. Or just not scale it up at all, and have the downside be becoming tired from using it.

The solution here is to make woodie use these idols for a while, and use them consecutively. maybe have the bird idol last more then the rest and the moose idol last the least since it's combat oriented.

Also the moose only does 60 damage and it has a really mediocre charge, you can do all of that except charging with a Hambat + the health,short duration,sanity downsides, that's really not worth it at all.



EDIT: sorry i was supposed to add more but  i accidentally submitted it, i'll add more as i go


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