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Blocked pipes - Water Sieve

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Hi! I'm trying to use water sieves but it is constantly telling me that the pipes are blocked on the liquid pump - and only the liquid pump. It still pumps out very almost microscopic amounts of water I feel, but it still pumps, so is it that the polluted water tank is full constantly and getting the pipe blocked prompt is normal? I tried speaking to others and they said the piping was normal - but it really just barely pushes out any water and says the pipes are blocked so that's why i'm still confused. Is it just supposed to be extremely slow? I had it in a slightly big tank and it barely filled it up enough to see any of the water in a full cycle. Here are pictures of it - https://imgur.com/gallery/gZkiPKO , https://imgur.com/gallery/phSMfNL , the last picture in the first set is of it in a different spot, and the second set is where used two sieves and put it in a very tiny spot to see how much water it would output, and the time in between cycle shown was how much it did. It just seems to be very, VERY slow, and is the blocked pipe normal? PSA The pictures were taken by a phone because my screenshots aren't saving no matter what way I take the screenshots, i'll get support for that somewhere else sometime. 

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