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  1. Same for me: Loaded a 16 cycle old save and got the achievment. It happened directly after the load, so I suspect it has something to do with that. Try loading the added save file. Panopticon.sav
  2. [Game Update] - 291278

    Its early Access, that means it isnt finished and has Bugs. You should have known that when buying ONI.
  3. In my recent game, I found a AETN POI that was partly overwritten by a buried Geysir. The AETN is missing, in its place is a cold CO2 Geysir.
  4. Hair Switching At Bedtime

    Can confirm, happened to me too, and also only the starting dupes:
  5. I found a ruin near my base with a comfortable bed inside. But instead of plastic it was made out of Obsidian and also dropped that. In earlier versions that bed always dropped plastic.
  6. I noticed one of my dupes kept the Lousy Meal modifier even though he finished eating Long before. I then watched him for a cycle to see if it would vanish the next time he eats. But he didnt go eating. Then I noticed his calories werent going down, as he still had the Eating: 30000/cycle buff to it. Saving and then loading fixed it though.
  7. When a dupe eats or sleeps in a cot their have a red dot on their chin. It vanishes as soon as their finish one of These Tasks.
  8. Ive noticed that this is just a graphical glitch. For me, in both cases of this bug(start and ruins) it vanishes after a few cycles. It was still confusing on the first game though.
  9. When I click on New Game in the Main Menu, it Switches to the World generating Screen, but instead of choosing my duplicants next, it loads my savegame. I tried restarting the game, this doesnt fix it. I effectivly cant start a new game.