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  1. Thats why you always should bring one more science module than you need Research. I hope they fix that at some point. And no, @SharraShimada, thats not intentional, and you can go to petrouleum by flying a steam rocket with 6 science modules to each 10k planet(there are always 2).
  2. Thats not required for tile-door-tile transfer, especially because the material would just be crushed the first time the doors close, and it would defeat the purpose of opening the doors to insulate the two chambers. Something else has to be going on here.
  3. So you are telling us that a clone got cloned? Dupe duplication apparently is a thing now.
  4. Should probably be +20%/cycle. See here for more Information: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/110250-are-the-numbers-on-the-small-bladder-trait-wad/
  5. I noticed when I cheched some requirements for my plants, that Wheezeworts and Oxyferns copy the "effects" section from the last selected plant. The effect section usually describes the yield of the plant, Worts and Oxyferns do not give a yield, but have environmental effects.
  6. But a day is shorter than a month, which is shorter than a year. So @Ellilea is correct. MM/DD/YY is Medium/Short/Long, which is nonsense IMO.
  7. Same for me: Loaded a 16 cycle old save and got the achievment. It happened directly after the load, so I suspect it has something to do with that. Try loading the added save file. Panopticon.sav
  8. Its early Access, that means it isnt finished and has Bugs. You should have known that when buying ONI.
  9. In my recent game, I found a AETN POI that was partly overwritten by a buried Geysir. The AETN is missing, in its place is a cold CO2 Geysir.
  10. Can confirm, happened to me too, and also only the starting dupes:
  11. I found a ruin near my base with a comfortable bed inside. But instead of plastic it was made out of Obsidian and also dropped that. In earlier versions that bed always dropped plastic.
  12. I noticed one of my dupes kept the Lousy Meal modifier even though he finished eating Long before. I then watched him for a cycle to see if it would vanish the next time he eats. But he didnt go eating. Then I noticed his calories werent going down, as he still had the Eating: 30000/cycle buff to it. Saving and then loading fixed it though.
  13. When a dupe eats or sleeps in a cot their have a red dot on their chin. It vanishes as soon as their finish one of These Tasks.
  14. Ive noticed that this is just a graphical glitch. For me, in both cases of this bug(start and ruins) it vanishes after a few cycles. It was still confusing on the first game though.