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The new event, the new character and critters buff

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I got idea for event where you need to craft needed tools, because making tools is just as important, as cooking or fighting. With that event, you could even do new character, the farmer, who can make hoes for everyone to make plants grow faster, just use that on farm or improved one and the plants will grow 20% faster than it would really take, he also has a chance to get doubled up crops, but his problem is he can eat only veggies. You could do some new recipes tho, like you could add buckets to make farming harder, plants needs water, so you need walk to the pond and give them water before they dry out. This could also open new recipes: soups. There would be normal non-benefitial soups which only feeds you, but there could be benefitial soups for characters, like gear soup, which would benefit WX78. You can use bucket to make your friends wet, throwing water from the bucket at them would give 50 wet points for a friend you just 'pranked'. I also have idea to upgrade critters, so they could be more useful. Like every single one critter doesn't find a use in don't starve, maybe making them more useful will attract more people to Play with them? Like little varg could attack with you, dragonfly critter would give some warm in winter, kitty could take the butterflies for you, gobbler one could get berries for you, gloomer one could as the original give some sanity (with original it would be good sanity farm), ewecus could freeze enemies so you can eat your pierogies etc.. the last one from return of them have actual use, giving light. When they would be hungry, they won't help, so you need to waste food for them.

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