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Mods crashing on exit

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Every time I start the game, all my mods are disabled, like if the game crashes on startup.  I can re-enable them and they work, but I have to check them all again the next time.  I noticed that if I exit the base back to the main menu, I get the "Mods crashed on startup" window and the game restarts - so it seems like the act of closing the base causes the crash.  I've created a new base, and even removed everything in the "My Documents\Klei" directory.  Anyone know where I can start looking to find the cause?  All these mods worked fine together until I changed PCs and installed the game on the new computer.

OK so it doesn't seem that I can delete the topic :) so I"ll update with what I found.  I learned about the "output.log" and read through it after one of the crashes, and there was an error with one of my blueprints (the file had gotten truncated and the mod lost its mind).  I removed the offending blueprint and everything's normal now.

In case this helps anyone...

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