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A Weavable Filter Option to Include Only Non-Weavable Skins?

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In the Curio Cabinet, the weavable filter has an on-and-off feature to it.

  • Setting the weavable filter to "on" will display only weaveable skins.
  • Setting the filter to "off" will display both weavable and non-weavable skins.

However, there's no setting to to display only non-weavable skins. Not all of the weavable skins have icons to them due to the character reworks and sometimes I just want to look only at the skins available on the steam market.

I suggest this because the Curio Cabinet offers a far superior user experience to looking at skins than what steam has. As an example, if you've got dupes for skins, it will be all over the place in steam while the Curio Cabinet just straight up tells you have many dupes you have of a skin.


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