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Who can edit anim files? Adventure mod, throne anim

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Hi :)

currently my adventure mod is spawning a new "puppet" prefab to put it onto the maxwell-throne when finishing the adventure. But this puppet of course do not have the skins "equipped" by the character. So we changed the code to instead teleport the player onto the throne and make the throne_loop animation, to also display skins.

Problem is now that parts of the player are not displayed properly and I think it has to do with the skins, although skins itself are displayed. If you have no skin, it may not be shown properly, eg see wolfgang without any skin:

you see, that the upper body part is not shown.
And when you have only a upper body part "equipped", you wont see the lower part of maxwells body.
To test the animation you can put into console: ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("throne_loop", true)

My assumption is, that the player_throne.zip, that contains the throne_loop animation, needs to be adjusted to DST and the skinner system.
I attached the player_throne.zip, it is from DS.

Is anyone here able to fix this?


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