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Quick select slots

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There has been so many times I’ve been looting and my inventory gets jumbled and I have to scramble to find my lantern at night. The way I would imagine it would work on console is when the inventory menu is closed the dpad buttons would be used for quick swapping. Without going too for out of the way with design four slots of the players inventory could be used for the quick slots and no item but the previous item in that quick slot can be in the slot till it’s taken out of the quick slot. I really would like to see this in the game because console players don’t have access to mods for QoL. This just seems like something that would be good for the game, and I think players would like it. 

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On 9/3/2019 at 1:34 AM, DavePlaysDST said:

Just organize your inventory. Have light sources in 1 section of your inventory, and tools in another. I don’t see why people don’t organize their inventory more really. It doesn’t seem that hard but maybe that’s just me.

I do organize, the problem is when you have an item equipped that slot is open to be filled so it jumbles your inventory if you get anything. It’s not that bad just takes a few seconds to fix. Just would be a QoL feature.

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