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The summons mission is a really interesting twist on negotiations and I'd love to see more missions like it, I do however have one complaint. There's a chance that even if you succeed and win the negotiation with the summons incepted, that the person will just reject the summons anyway. This can be a bit confusing and frustrating especially when you expend a bunch of resolve into a negotiation where your victory doesn't matter. I do however like the idea of some arguments being unwinnable, I just think maybe the way it's presented is kind of arbitrary and doesn't take advantage of the game mechanics. My suggestion is perhaps if the person is going to reject the summons this time around even if you win the negotiation, why don't you just make the negotiation unwinnable.  Just add the chance on the summons mission that your opponent starts with an indestructible argument that heals 20 resolve per turn. The player sees that and then can just concede the negotiation and try to convince the person using violence. This way you can get a story point across using gameplay instead of arbitrarily telling the player that their victory didn't matter.

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