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traits suggestions - again

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trait suggestions! I will make an easy version of each suggestion, and a hard suggestion.

the hard version might be an addition to the easy version, instead of a replacement.

these suggestions are mostly bad traits


  • easy - the easy version
  • hard - the hard version


  • will get stressed when in the dark
  • can't work in the dark


  • dupe won't do tidy jobs
  • dupe will wash their hands whenever passing by a wash basin, sink or sanitizer, even if they have no germ on them, and even when passing by in the wrong direction.


  • can't appreciate fellow duplicants. can't chat
  • no hard version


  • can't be appreciated, can't dance. can't chat
  • no hard version


  • can't use arcade cabinet, isn't affected by light bonus
  • is slower when working


  • will get more stress than other dupes from "sopping wet" and "sogging feet"
  • will refuse to go into water

more might be added

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