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Negative trait balance/tuning

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Copy-pasta of my response from a thread in General -- Original thread was discussing traits the guy considered deal-breakers that meant he'd never take the dupe):

I'd be in favor of leaving them in the game if they added a path to address them mid-late game... Say, for example,

1. Your anemic dupe needs to visit the doc once a week for a "check-up" that may or may not need some sort of medication.  This makes it as reasonably addressable as allergies are.  Give it a random chance as a function of repeated treatments to cure some dupes altogether. 

2. Flatulent and narcoleptic could be treated with medications similarly to allergies as well.

3. A new medical building, say, a surgery table which requires 2 medical dupes to operate that greatly speeds up healing of dupes <10% health (and all the hilarious animations that could go with that.  Nisbet, NO! :D ) ... but also allows you to apply some staples to Mr. Bottomless Stomach's digestive tract, nullifying the trait once he's healed. Loud sleeper can be corrected similarly.  Maybe require certain tiers in doctoring. 

4. A "therapy" room that requires >120 decor on all tiles and a new medical couch...  once-twice a week, your phobic dupes sit down with doc for therapy (Again, queue hilarious animations), and there's a random chance every session that their phobia trait gets changed to a new intermediate trait, aversion, which causes a minor amount of stress when they perform that act...  but continued therapy again has a weekly chance to remove said aversion altogether.

Then again, I'm fond of the idea of having libraries where idle dupes can go to XP up most skills (prioritized by interest, lowest skill first) and gyms for XPing strength, and athletics..  Both those give more meaning to break-time blocks instead of everyone just standing around coking and joking.

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Further thoughts,

 You could tier out the medications where you have a treatment made in the apothecary from basic stuff...  much like the curative tablet and medical pack. 

 say, (1 kg iron + 1 kg clay) = anemia treatment

 Not sure on how much headspace ONI has in terms of memory/IPS for new buildings/items... but:

Surgical table requirements:

1. 2 medical dupes (1 tier 3, 2nd at least tier 1 or 2.  Could vary reqs based on treatment applied.) 

2. Basic antibiotics - made in BioMed Station 

3. 4 units of blood - Extracted via medbay (or you could add a phlebotomist's chair), 

4. 1 unit anestesia - Made in BioMed station. 

(Optional depending on treatment) : Oxygen equivalent to their comsumption, piped in and stored, say 10kg reservoir. 

Available surgical treatments depend on tech level and available personnel.  Their consumption of the above req'd items and the base time to perform depends on the specific treatment. 


BioMed station - Req Materials: refined metal, raw mineral

Usage requirement:

1. 120w electric hookup 

2. tier 2 medical dupe


Allows Create Basic antibiotic (usable only in surgical center) 

1. 100 kcal mushroom + 1kg water

2. 5 second setup (dupe initiated) 

3. 3 minute cook time (dupe free to work other jobs) 

4. When ready, add 1kg clay, 10 second task  drops 1 Basic antibiotic. 

Allows create Advanced Antibiotic (cures slimelung, food poisoning, and can be used in surgical center as replacement for basic antibiotics) 

Steps 1-4 identical, step 5 adds sulfur, sand, and clay 15 second task. 

Anesthesia follows similar pattern, requires something like: pincha nut, ethanol, and an uncooked pacu fillet.  Or maybe as basic as just 'Phosphorite + ethanol'  

Blood draw creates 1 unit regardless of where you get it from, deals 5% of dupe's max HP, gives -3 to athletics until next meal and rest period (need both) 


Randomly funny thought that would totally fit in with ONI's "You have to deal with byproducts" theme:  One could make the requirements for antibiotics (or other mid/high tier things) include things like 1kg slimelung infected slime, 1kg food poisoning infected seed or pdirt... and while they're in the station, they offgas that disease... which would largely require people to build a sealed biolab, exo suit station, and proper storage to use specitically those recipes. 

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