[DST Mod Request] No bird noises

Mr. Gourmet Guy

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Hello. I am requesting someone to make a very simple mod for me. I want all of the birds to be muted. They are everywhere and I can't stand it.

Without writing some long sob story, let's just say I tried like crazy to make the mod myself. I just want someone with better skills than me to make this mod for me.

All I want is to have all birds muted, and nothing more. I don't want to hear the bird in the birdcage chirping like crazy, and I'm not the only one.

Please make this for Don't Starve Together. If I could choose, I would like it to be a client mod. But any is fine.

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On 8/27/2019 at 10:37 AM, Mr. Gourmet Guy said:

I was busy, so I didn't notice this until 2 days later.

Thank you so much! I'm very happy and grateful someone came to help me. I guess it will do for now. The birds standing on the ground while chirping is what annoys me the most.

I gotcha. I got feedback from the community on how to make it client side.


I'm resting right now because of various health stuff but in a bit I'll do my best to get it to be client side! 

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