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Woolcarder Character

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Hello Klei, I would like share my character design ideia. I would love to have it in the game.


Woolcarder, a bee like Character.

- Bees are friendly to him.
- Can pet bees with honey.
- Regain sanity near flowers.
- Can harvest honey from wild beehive.
- Can feed beehive with flowers to make honeygrow.
- Bees do not attack him while harvesting beehive.
- Becomes killerbee type in spring and causes more damage.

- Loses sanity when eating non-sweet food.
- Becomes slower after one day without eating sweet food.
- Only heals from sweet food.
- Has 125 health, 150 hunger, 125 sanity.


He can get a lot of honey easily, so he needs to be very dependent on honey. Reducing your movement by not eating sweet food and only healing from sweet foods counters it.
He can do extra damage by taming the bees and their killer bee form in spring, so to balance he has 125 life, also only heals from sweet food.
He can easily recovers the sanity by standing near flowers, so to counters it, he loses sanity when eating non sweet food.

Cya o/

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