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  1. Vacilator Charges

    Maybe you can extract the brain when a dup dies and give it to another dup
  2. UV Sterilizers

    This needs to be implemented.
  3. Here is my design, it's working since it onlys runs when the steam's geyser is active. The water is traped in the closed loop untill it reachs 20 celsius, then it's released out from the loop.(Petroleum is better as liquid, but I don't have it right now) Bottom pipe circuit: Works as condensator for the steam, reducing it from 110 celsius to ~80 celsius. Top pipe circuit: Cools the water to 20 celsius. It also has a lot of water resevoir for buffering water in the case aquatuner reachs 90 and it is disabled by the thermo sensor.
  4. They are not even made of refined metal to look smooth like that.
  5. I've became upset with the change too.
  6. First of all, the old sprite of the water tank feels much better than this new one. I feel like these new sprites do not fit into the oni art style, it seems strange. Look at the portal, water pump and natural gas generator, they are metallic with 3D layers that give a depth feel of a real structure, something that is not happening with the tanks, they feel like UI element. It's a giant red / blue flat shape inside the world.
  7. Nice nerf to Ngas power plant, I always though that they were overpower, causing no need to look for other power source supply. Game is pretty better and funny now.
  8. We also need something (sensor) to measure the stored power in the battery, so we can enable/disable Generators based on it. Nice update, keep it going.
  9. My game crashes everytime I open debug mode. (or show full map)