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  1. Yes it is, if it were not, it would not be categorized on the power tab but rather on the Utility tab. Steam Turbine is an energy generator and in its description itself informs. It was designed to convert magma heat into usable power, but it's almost impossible to do it in a positive power way without exploits. It's broken and force us to go around using exploits.
  2. Current problems from Steam Turbine: It's very hard for players figure out how to setup it correctly. Where is the input from this machine? ~after a while~ There is no input, maybe it interacts directly with the envoriment. Why this machine needs to pump steam from the envoriment while all other machines has a gas input? I need to setup a room for it. How do I do it? Why is not pumping? How much heat does it needs? Ahn, (it's not pressurized or there is not enough heat), I didnt knew about that. My design failed. It's not pressurized, how im going to handle its steam output? There is a limite that envoriment can handle. Is it not supposed to be running constantly? Do I have to store energy through steam? Can I run it canstantly, how? Can I pump the steam to somewhere else? No, not power eficient. How to run this without waste more power than its provides? How the **** i'm going to know setup this without watching an youtube video? There is nothing in the game that can handle the steam output without consuming more power than its produces. Gas Pump (360w) consumes too much power to serve as a depressurization solution. Using gas pump for this propose would consume more power than the system produce, since we would need a lot of them. Condensating water was a solution that I found, but like others, it's not 100% exploit free. (input block exploit) Low pressure zone is another way to do it, not 100% exploit free. Suggestions Rebalacing steam turbine output and Gas Pump power consumption. Liquid pump and Gas Pump consumes the same amount of power, but liquid pump can move 10kg of mater while gas pump only 1kg. This does not feel fair, decreasing the power consumption of the gas pump could help steam turbine actual design to be viable without the use of exploits. Also makes it easier for a new player figure out how to use it: "oh, I just need to pump out steam from the room". Reducing steam output could help gas pump being viable too. Give equivalent power from the steam input. Steam turbine input can be blocked but it keeps working giving the same amount of power. Steam turbine is a power monster that recharge batteries almost instantly, controlling steam input with doors could help on that, since steam turbine gives equivalent power to its input. Also helps with pressurization, giving time to the pump handle it without being negative power eficient. Make the steam turbine delete 116 celsius degree of heat. (Alternative) The output steam would be around 110 celsius. The remaining 10 degrees celsius from the steam would be very cheap and would allow the water to be pumped back into the system. Increase power output to 3000w since it's removing a lot more heat from the envoriment.
  3. Nice nerf to Ngas power plant, I always though that they were overpower, causing no need to look for other power source supply. Game is pretty better and funny now.
  4. We also need something (sensor) to measure the stored power in the battery, so we can enable/disable Generators based on it. Nice update, keep it going.
  5. My game crashes everytime I open debug mode. (or show full map)