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  1. Agreed. Also I have a mod for this
  2. I'm main warly and he is fine. You just need to learn his play style. I don't even feel that he consumes 20% more hunger, like swank said, do the math to know about food rotation. Also I think 250 Hunger stats is an advantage, because you can stay 2.5 days +- without eating anything, it's one of the reasons I like him. If you don't like to worry about food, you should not play warly. That is what fun about him. As warly, you should think ahead and about what you're going to eat after 2 days. Also, you forgot about fishsticks and honeyham in your list. Fishing is not hard in early game, since you can craft it from the science machine. Also, with 20 berry bush and some fences, you can bait globber and live from turkey dinner forever. Hammering bee queen hive early game provides you 6 honey, that you can use to make 6 honeyham. And you can repeat this process every few days. Also, eating 2-3 different food every 2 days instead 3 of the same type can reduce your food waste.
  3. Hello Klei, I would like share my character design ideia. I would love to have it in the game. Notes: He can get a lot of honey easily, so he needs to be very dependent on honey. Reducing your movement by not eating sweet food and only healing from sweet foods counters it. He can do extra damage by taming the bees and their killer bee form in spring, so to balance he has 125 life, also only heals from sweet food. He can easily recovers the sanity by standing near flowers, so to counters it, he loses sanity when eating non sweet food. Cya o/
  4. I think bundle wrap is fine. I don't wan't to waste my time farming ingredients every 10 days. It's an essential mechanic in the game.
  5. Only when it's agressive. No
  6. This is killing me, no deep florest biome like, since it's limited to "Eye plants". Also, no poison mechacnics for now, since he can't craft antidote. But thanks!
  7. Open the beta test earlier, so we can help with testing.
  8. Nice nerf to Ngas power plant, I always though that they were overpower, causing no need to look for other power source supply. Game is pretty better and funny now.
  9. We also need something (sensor) to measure the stored power in the battery, so we can enable/disable Generators based on it. Nice update, keep it going.
  10. My game crashes everytime I open debug mode. (or show full map)