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Electric Ice-E Fan [Suggestion]

Should the Ice-E Fan be Made Electric?  

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  1. 1. Should the Ice-E Fan be Made Electric?

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Title basically gives the general idea.

It feels like heat dooms most newer players somewhere between cycles 50-150. I know that there are a number of ways to deal with this but I feel that they are not especially straight forward or obvious for the newer players. This brings me to the Ice-E Fan...

This item looks, on the surface, to be your early-mid game solution to some of your earlier heating problems. In reality I fell that it largely useless in that regard. While the Ice-E Fan does have some limited uses for spot cooling problem areas in your base, I believe that it's utility should be expanded to provide more reliable early cooling that will eventually replaced by more effective and technical means. 

At the moment there are two resources that the Ice-E Fan needs to function. Ice and dupe labor. The latter i feel is the big flaw in this device. To me at least it seems like ice alone is a difficult enough barrier at the point in the game that you would consider using the fan. You have two major sources of ice which both take a fair amount of Dupe labor. Either you are lucky enough to locate an ice biome early and cart it in from there, which takes time, or you set up an ice production facility in your base which needs a fair amount of attention from your dupes in its own right. This doesn't even address the fact that locating said ice biome basically renders the Ice-E Fan irrelevant in the first place. Either way, several of your people are already being taken away from arguably more important tasks to just collect or generate the resource necessary to run the fan. Then, after all of this, someone actually has to stand there and crank the damn thing... 

The fix is simple. Remove the crank and add in a plug. Done.

The collection of ice and the production of electricity is a more than fair trade for the localized and limited cooling that the Ice-E Fan provides. This would allow for more effective and wide usage of this system in early game heat management without rendering any of the more advanced systems obsolete. This is especially true for people who run their games with lower numbers of dupes, as you simply cannot afford to have even two of your people cranking fans if you have a group of 8 or less. Long term the Ice-E Fan would still be a horribly inefficient system, but at least this version would help some newer players deal with this particular game mechanic until they are able to learn the techniques needed to overcome this problem in the long term.

I've attached a poll for this as well as I am wondering if anyone feels the same way about this as I do. It's quite possible that i'm alone on this hill. 

TLDR: Cranking fans is dumb. Plug the damn thing in. 

Thanks for reading,

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