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im looking for help in creating a custom character.

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i am new to coding so I am here asking for help. Im not sure if its possible but i would want to add my character a item that can work as a hat but also as a crafting station (like codex umbra but also can be equipped) Is something like that even possible? and if yes could I ask for some help with it?

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AFAIK making an equippable item into a crafting station has not been done before, but just about anything is possible, if you study the code a lot. Concentrate on making the hat first. That's a challenge in itself for newcomers, and there are no in-depth tutorials (not up-to-date, anyway) for full projects like that. You'll have to look at existing prefabs (items) made by other modders to see how to do it properly (and make sure the mods are fairly new, since there's some code about skins which isn't handled in older mods). There are separate tutorials for working with textures.

Check out the newcomer post to get started. There are a bunch of links to tutorial compilation threads and such, but again, many tutorials are out-dated, so the result may not be fully functional. This one example seems good, though. I also highly advise closely studying another hat mod.

Also, for characters in general, the Extended Character Template is available. It goes through most of what you need to set up a new character. This is a tutorial for how to create custom sounds for your character. These other posts may be of help, too.

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