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Disable/Set intervall for autosave

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So... nearly 400 cycles in in my very first colony (how could I have missed this gem of a game until now?), the daily autosave gets extremely annoying (well, it does so since cycle 200 or so). It takes around 30-40+ seconds in which I just stare at the screen, unable to do anything. Somewhere here in the forum I found a thread that suggested to delete all saves and indeed, that brought the loading time between cycles down to about 10-15 seconds, which is okay.

The problem with this, of course being the fact that each cycle, a new game is created - and with the 10 or so saved games, we are back up to half a minute... and deleting them every couple turns is not only a hassle, it already happened twice to me that I accidentally loaded a game, ruining all progress for the day.


So, please, could you just add some options regarding autosaves?

How about


- number of turns per autosave every 1, 3, 5, 10, ... turns or maybe just a slider that lets the player freely decide for themselves?

- same option for the number of autosaves to be kept. I really don't need 10, and whoever does can just keep them, and maybe even have the option to use even more older autosaves


And I know my computer is crap, but apart from that issue, the game runs relatively fine. And yes, I already have an SSD...

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