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Mod Wanted: Building Automation State toggle in Building Info box

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This should be simple or impossible. Any building that can hook to the automation grid should have a button: Enable/Disable Automation. When enabled, automation works as intended. When disabled, it acts as if there were never any automation attached. This button would go next to all the other buttons in the building's info panel.

Mostly, I seem to get into situations where a power building is "off" because it received a red signal. And then I accidentally snip the automation wire in a poorly thought out destroy order and now the building is permanently off until an automation device sends a green signal. With my toggle, the building would restart immediately (or maybe after an operator flips the state, either way). I suppose I could build this with an OR gate and the switch toggle. (Wow, glad I wrote all this as it gave me a potential solution.)

But that seems like overkill and isn't exactly fast when you forget to filter your destroy orders. :)

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