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Is there a mod to reduce the decor malice for wiring?

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function start()
	DebugLog(" buildingpatches ")
	GetBuildingDef("MassiveHeatSink").Floodable = false
	GetBuildingDef("SuitLocker").Floodable = false
	GetBuildingDef("SuitMarker").Floodable = false
	GetBuildingDef("JetSuitLocker").Floodable = false
	GetBuildingDef("JetSuitMarker").Floodable = false
	GetBuildingDef("TravelTubeEntrance").Floodable = false
	GetBuildingDef("GasFilter").EnergyConsumptionWhenActive = 10
	GetBuildingDef("LiquidFilter").EnergyConsumptionWhenActive = 10
	GetBuildingDef("WireRefinedHighWattage").BaseDecor = -1
	GetBuildingDef("WireRefinedBridgeHighWattage").BaseDecor = -1

This is the example from my files.

so all you need to do is:


function start()
  	GetBuildingDef("WireHighWattage").BaseDecor = -5
	GetBuildingDef("WireBridgeHighWattage").BaseDecor = -5

And afterward follow the instructions in the mod and dump the text in the scripting folder in the init.lua and restart

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