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Major conundrum with stat regen mod

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Hey guys.

I have a major conundrum with my stat regen mod, so I could really use some thoughts from you guys on the best way to solve this.

Quick intro: I have a mod called Stat Regen System, which allows the host to set a bunch of rules (the same rules apply for all players) for when they regen each stat and when they degen each stat. An example could be, that I set it so you DEgen health while your sanity is below 25% and your hunger is below 20%. I can then also set it so you REgen health while your sanity is above 70% and your hunger is above 90%. I can do these REgen and DEgen settings for all the stats, i.e., hunger, sanity, health AND max-health. For the latter, max-health, I can set requirements for REgen and thresholds for DEgen for both sanity, hunger and health. And this is where the problem lies, since max-health can have a penalty on it (ignore the possibility of sanity penalty for now). Keep in mind, though, that you can also set limits for how far down you can DEgen and how far up you can REgen.

The problem is, when checking the requirements and thresholds, I currently check the current value against the maximum possible value for the stat. So, if you have a sanity REgen requirement set for minimum 75% health, but you have a max-health penalty of 40%, meaning you can only attain 60% of your "real" maximum health, then you can never reach that 75% REgen requirement.

Also the reverse for DEgen, where you can have set the health threshold to a higher % than your current max-health (with penalty) allows, so even at "full health" you constantly DEgen, until you manage to increase your max-health above the threshold AND replenish your health to get above the threshold.

The solution to this would be to instead do my requirement and threshold checks against the penalized max-health. The problem with that solution is, then if you have only 25% of your possible max-health left (75% penalty) it suddenly becomes very easy to avoid getting below a % threshold for DEgen of one of the other stats, and also very easy to reach a % requirement for getting REgen of one of the other stats...but really, if you have 75% max-health penalty, you're already in a bad spot...but then again, it's your own fault, right? So, do I make it ruthless in the sense that if you have so much max-health penalty that you cannot get above a DEgen threshold, then you're ****ed, or do I make it a bit easy on you since you're already in a bad spot? ...it's a real brain-twister.

Please lend me your thoughts. I'm leaning towards the easy-mode, but feel like some might find it too lenient. And I'm already up to my neck in settings, plus this is a hard one to explain to players. I would much prefer other sets of eyes on this one. Perhaps there's something I've missed that makes one of the solutions dumb?

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