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Extended Sample Character: speech_character.lua won't be read.

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4 hours ago, YAW Y33T said:

Well I can upload my modmain to see what it is right now.

You can see that it IS included, but it wont work, still.



I think that I found the problem.

You see this line in the modmain?


STRINGS.CHARACTERS.williams = require "speech_williams"

It was meant to be like this:


STRINGS.CHARACTERS.WILLIAMS = require "speech_williams"

God, I'm so stupid.

This post made me realize it:

On 6/29/2019 at 7:51 PM, Ultroman said:

That said, you should not need to do that when you're making a character mod. Most character mods have a line similar to this in their master_postinit:

STRINGS.CHARACTERS.GIR = require "speech_gir"


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Yes, variable names are case-sensitive, and in the case of the speech STRINGS structure, it is just a bunch of variables on nested objects with a bunch of variables...and so on. STRINGS is an object, which has a variable called CHARACTERS which is also an object, which has variables called WILSON and WILLOW and with your mod now also WILLIAMS. This WILLIAMS variable now gets the entire structure of your speech file, and every time you see something like this in the speech file


then the SOMETHING-variable is being set to be another object with its own variables in it, and whenever you see


then the SOMETHING variable is being set to be a string.

Edited by Ultroman
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its ok

Thank you for the explanation, I disappoint myself sometimes.

And also about your post, I was using the Extended Sample Character template. I think I accidentally made the ESCTEMPLATE williams, not WILLIAMS.

19 hours ago, Ultroman said:

Yes, variable names are case-sensitive,

Edited by YAW Y33T
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Just now, thomas4845 said:

never be disapionted in yourself unless you gave up, but instead you carried on and solved the problem 

good job UwU

Wasn't saying I was dissapointed to the point of giving up, I just make myself a bit sad, but still carry all the weight on my back.

Thanks for the motivation, I actually updated the mod. It's on the DST workshop as "John Williams"

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