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Woodie 's potentiality

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In this video I showed How to use Woodie to beat Ancient Guardian in 3 Days. It could be faster. 

Woodie is my favorite character. I enjoyed all his ability in DST. Now he will be refreshed in few time.I hope he won't be too wake to play while Woodie change into werebeaver.

Now new characters like Wormwood and Warly, they are too wake in recovery health. When they were fight with Boss, Worm wood couldn't recovery health by food. Warly couldnt recovery health with same food too. That means they couldn't join in the ANR Boss fight.

Players may choose them, made living logs or smoe special food, Then they will change other characters without hesitation. The reason choose Wormwood and Warl is just others need the items,not the guy who made those items. 

Player treat them as tools who made super items. That's what I disappoint so much. I desire a living guy, not a tools maker.

I hope the new Woodie won't have a heavy shortcoming in future. PLS


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