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Trying to win Arboria

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Hello, I'm still new to the game and after a few abandoned attempts I'm trying to win in earnest now. I have not researched too much on the internet, just trying to find out a lot of things by playing and then reading up on them after the fact most of the time. But so far so good.

The game is a keeper definitely, high replayability even after a long pause from it, so I'm doing a video journal for myself and anyone else who is interested. Keeping the videos short, 10 mins or below where I'm explaining the current things I do not to get my crew killed. Would be great if someone else did a similar thing, maybe even with the same world seed so we could compare each other's bases.

Thanks for reading, bought a few Klei games this one's my favorite by far, even though Invisible inc. is a close second :D

This is how far I am right now, As I said I hope someone else does a similar thing and we can compare notes:


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