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Can't create an account! HEP!

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Howdy all,
I just bought Don't Starve Together and launched it in Steam. It gives me a prompt that states that since I have never played the game, I have to create an account. SURE! NP! 

I click the create account button which opens a browser window with the Klei accounts creation page. I select Steam which pops me to the steam community page asking me to sign in there. I hit "Sign in" and BAM! It sends me right back to the Klei accounts sign in page where I can select Steam, Xbox and others. Again.

What am I doing wrong here?

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Sorry to hear that you're having trouble creating your Klei account. Here are a couple of things you can try to resolve this:

1) As you are currently using the Steam web browser, try temporarily disabling Steam Overlay for Don't Starve Together to force your default web browser to launch when creating the account.

2) If you are using Safari as your default browser and are still encountering the issue, switch your default web browser to something different such as Chrome or Firefox and try once more.

3) If you are running a VPN service in the background, try temporarily disabling the VPN in case this is blocking the system from connecting to our servers.

4) If you are on a Wi-Fi connection, can we get you to connect to the internet directly through an Ethernet cable instead. Wi-Fi connections can sometimes be inconsistent depending on the location and how strong the signal is.

5) Ensure that your firewall, anti-virus, security software or settings have been made to allow Don't Starve Together to connect online.

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First, thank you for your prompt help on this one. I'm fairly tech savvy and this was driving me crazy. 


It was freakin' Safari! Ugh... I can't stand that browser. Copied the link into Chrome and all is right. Thank you so much!

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