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Taming a Steam Vent

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The build I used uses 2 turbines and they r always at max efficiency but u could add a 3rd but the 3rd would probably not run full time at a 100%. The build uses doors to block the ports on the turbines, the middle one and next to it aren't blocked ever due to only having 1 port open massively reduces efficiency. Using thermo sensors to shut the doors at certain temperatures u can use less steam to generate more power. The first sensor is set to open if the steam goes below 500F. The second is set to be open if it is below 550F. The last sensor is set to open if it is below 725F. A quick recap below 500F all ports unblocked, above 500F 1 port is blocked, above 550F 2 ports blocked and above 725F 3 ports are blocked. Also the 2nd turbine is set to only run if the room has more than 1500 G of steam in it and it is set to a filter and buffer gate to stop it from rapidly turning on and off again. Also I didn't come up with this 100% on my own the main idea came from Brothgar on youtube, just decided to share for any new players or anyone else who is interested. I would also post screen shots but steam is being stupid and wont work properly right now if I can figure out what is going wrong than ill post them. Lastly sorry about using F I only know F.

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Are you asking for help with your build or letting others know what to do? In either case, some pictures would be helpful, and there are ways other than Steam to acquire them (Alt + Print Screen, on Windows).

Also, you only have three temperatures listed there, for the sake of discussion, you really should run those through Google to find out their Celsius counterparts and put those in the post, so not everyone who has to read has to do such. For the record, Fahrenheit's only advantage (0-100 being common temperate outdoor range with 100 being body temp) is completely absent once you're in the realm of steam turbine operation, and Celsius' advantage as a centigrade system (0 and 100 being very meaningful temperatures for water) shines, as does its shared advantage with K (more meaningful degree steps).

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