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A few small tweaks please!

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I'm really digging the game! Here are some small tweaks I'd love to see added in the future:

- Allow you to disassemble the old ladders you find on the map. I had two big ladders spawn next to two Nullifiers that made the cooling room REALLY tricky and ugly to build

- It would be great if the Steam Turbine only used as many inputs as necessary to run itself, so you wouldn't have to add automated doors underneath and what have you. Otherwise the building turns into a heat death trap for newbs that might try piping in 300C+ steam through 5 pipes. Ideally it would also be able to take some really hot steam without overheating like mad (accidentally made 1600C steam room once and boy was that a mistake!), but I understand that could be way exploited

- Having liquid / gas storage output signal based on how much liquid it has storage. I'd like to build a buffer that takes in / gives out liquid based on how much it currently has stored, but can't unfortunately...

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