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[Game Update] - 1132


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Update 1.1.32 (Xbox One)

- Electric attacks from Volt Goat Chaud-Froid buff will now properly charge Volt Goats.
- Seasoned Food can now be drawn on Mini Signs.
- New food recipes will now work with cooked ingredients.
- Added new Seeds to Catcoon’s random gifts.
- Improved resolution of most crops.
- Fixed animation bug with new crops being invisible when grown on Farms.
- Fixed crash when attempting to add seasoning to mod foods.
- Fixed crash and some other issues caused by new Wardrobe Popup Screen.
- Fixed animation bug with Willow’s custom idle animation when using skins.
- Fixed animation bug with Victorian Warly’s beard.
- Fixed animation bug with WX-78’s Unfinished Robot Hands.

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