The Pot O' Crock

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I recently discovered that my crock pot has the magical ability (Read: Scientific) to transform monster meat into an item that both heals me, and satiates tremendous amounts of hunger. While I appreciate the the sheer value of such a miracle, and will happily accept the Nobel Peace Prize for solving world hunger, I do question the validity of this technique. Perhaps using monster meat int he crock pot should result in different recipe combos than regular meat?

I would also suggest that the hunger/healing be moderately related to the items that are placed in the pot together. I'm not certain if this is already the case, but I decided to mention it in passing.

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the cooking pot results are brand new. Unstackable and requires 4 items. The hunger response is determined by quality of input.

At the moment the crock is used for 'in camp' cooking since travelling usually requires stackable items.

They are tweaking the crock still.

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Figured as much, and I imagine that the suggestions I'm putting out there are perhaps redundant, but it seemed appropriate to bring it up in case they feel like asking themselves 'what should I do today?' Again thanks for the info Lady, you're a fount of usefulness!

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