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Tile coords to world point

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I can't find an actual function to do this, but try searching for the word "TILE_SCALE" in the game code (without the quotes). You'll get a lot of lines like this

local x = (posX - mapWidth/2.0)*TILE_SCALE
local z = (posY - mapHeight/2.0)*TILE_SCALE


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Since it probably goes in both directions from the middle of the tile, I think you need to halve the scale.

+ math.random(-(HALF_TILE_SCALE -1), HALF_TILE_SCALE -1)

Btw, if you didn't know, Lua's math.random is inclusive of both given values, so

math.random (4, 8)  --> (a number from 4 to 8)

So you only need the -1 if you don't want the resulting position to be at the edges of a tile.

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