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Girl Bart

Small Warly buff

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Just a suggestion for Warly to get 20% bonus of the foods he makes an eats himself? (Similar to his perk back in shipwrecked)
Maybe even add in the bonus of having 20% more duration in his food effects too? to make him more special with his foods

I just feel this would make it nicer for more solo warly players and for warly in general to not just be a base dweller but has some incentives to go outside and do other things too time to time?

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I always thought he could stand to gain a little more from his own dishes since he is the most experienced to appreciate such pieces of culinary art. That has 2 big problems though. 1. There is no way of knowing whether a dish was cooked by Warly or not (maybe if it had one of those nifty red plates they get when they are seasoned, but as it stands there is no way of knowing) and 2. He is very balanced as is and isn't really in need of any nerfs or buffs. The absolute most I'd say is give him bonus stats to health and sanity, but as for hunger, that is supposed to be part of his challenge. 

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