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Pip planting changes for thicc, but not OP jungles

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Wild farms are a challenging but rewarding system. Keeping a thick jungle of wild crops is potentially super powerful, but even worse is to have disappointing barren park. Here are a few ideas to hopefully keep the best of both worlds so we can have thick, wild jungles but not necessarily unlimited efficiency. As I understand it the current system is that pips have total seed limit per area. So instead:

1) Matching "productive" plants have a restricted, low density. This limit is considerably less than the total seed limit in an area.

2) Non matching "productive" plants have a much higher density, up to the total seed limit for an area.

3) Decorative plants have a similar, but completely separate density limit. Matching decor plants can be sparsely planted, while non matching decor plants can be more densely planted, up to a modest (to save space for productive plants) or perhaps unlimited decor plant limit.

The resulting system will create a farm meta something like:

- A lot of plants can fit inside an area, but they can not all be high powered, high yield crops. Arbor trees may be rare, but they can be surrounded by mealwood, bristleblossom, sleet wheat and such. The area gains a high total productivity, but also produces lots of "junk" that may not be desired.

- Decor plants do not interfere with the "productivity" of a farm area. They might take up space but they do not otherwise alter the productivity "cap" and are thus nice additions to a wild farm.

- Wild planting allows thick jungles, high decor and just look way cooler with a huge mix of wild plants.

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