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how to add a stategraph?

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Seems to be a simple question, but I was not able to solve this on my own O.ô

I want to add the ACTIONS.PICK animations from the SGWilson stategraph to the SGshadowwaxwell stategraph,
What to do in modmain now?

I already tried

AddStategraphPostInit("SGshadowwaxwell", function(sg)
    sg.states["dojostleaction"] = statedojostleaction
    sg.states["doshortaction"] = statedoshortaction
    sg.states["dolongaction"] = statedolongaction
    sg.states["domediumaction"] = statedomediumaction
    sg.actionhandlers[GLOBAL.ACTIONS.PICK] = actionhandlerpick
    -- table.insert(sg.states,statedojostleaction)
    -- table.insert(sg.states,statedoshortaction)
    -- table.insert(sg.states,statedolongaction)
    -- table.insert(sg.states,statedomediumaction)
    -- table.insert(sg.actionhandlers,actionhandlerpick)

but for whatever reason "HERE" is never printed, so this does not work.

I also tried to call AddStategraphState() for every single state and AddStategraphActionHandler() for the one action, but this did not work either ?!
What is the way I should add it?
Copy and editing the original stategraph file does work fine.

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The solution was (using this directly in modmain, without AddStategraphPostInit):


So I was using the wrong commands from modutil and I also used the filename of the stategraph instead of the name of it (found on the bottom of the file)

My shadowmaxwell mod beta here:


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