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Geodes need better labeling

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I've got over 700 hours of experience in this game, and I also develop games for a living, so this isn't meant to criticize the design of this feature, but moreso to make a suggestion on how to improve the presentation of it.

It's very common in the later stages of the game (when geodes start being accessible, toward the edges of the map) to just dig out sections because you want to shape your base a certain way, and these geodes can outright ruin a base if a player opens one filled with non-breathable gas if it looks the same as any other newly-discovered pocket of gas.  For example, a Chlorine geode in the middle of a biome that has other, very similar-looking chlorine gas pockets is very easy to miss when there's a lot of other things going on, and the only way you'd notice is if you happen to mouse over every pocket of gas to make sure the pressure isn't ridiculous.  And yes, I'm typing this because I apparently unearthed a Chlorine geode, dug through it without even realizing it was heavily pressurized, and had no idea why my base was almost entirely filled with heavily-pressured Chlorine for the next hundred cycles!

My simple suggestion is to make these geodes more noticeable at a glance, whether it be to surround the gas with materials that are not common for that gas' natural spawning points (Obsidian doesn't exactly catch the eye), or maybe even create a new and bright background for the geodes that distinguish the pockets from other areas.  Doing so will make it more obvious that exploring in this area could be dangerous, and will make them look unique and more interesting than the currently un-distinguishable pockets of gas they appear to be now.

Thanks!  I'll be over here vacuuming out my base for a while...

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