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How I'd see the whole immunity + disease system

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I should be sleeping, but insomnia is gonna do what it's gotta do, so do forgive me for these late night ramblings.

I know I'm not alone in the missing of the old immunity system, I thought I'd make a post to try and combine the stuff I've read around here over the past months plus whatever comes to mind into some kind of coherent, clear system.

1. Immunity

Yes, the good old immunity.

An immune system capable of battling X amount of "germ power". Starts at a 100% and begins to fall down if the amount of active germs on the dupe is higher than the system can take. Once immunity reaches 0, the dupe gets diseased. Disease can be prevented by dropping the amount of germs on/in the dupe to below the threshold. That can be accomplished by keeping them away from the problem areas where germs are present. Vitamins can also buy time to do that.

Easy setting: the immune systems are able to withstand more germ power

2. Medicine & vitamins

Vitamins give a daily boost to the immune system adding to the %. So for instance a duplicant that takes a vitamin will have a 120% immune system, or, in case of their immunity falling down, they'll get a +20% boost to slow down the onset of disease and perhaps allow them to recover in time.

Medicines could be used when the dupes have already fallen sick to increase the rate of recovery and, in case of deadly diseases, they would be necessary to guarantee dupe's survival.

Easy setting: vitamin gives a higher boost, no diseases are deadly so vitamins only increase the rate of recovery more

3. Germ power & incubation speed

Each kind of germ has a different "germ power" variable. This would allow to easily make some of them way more problematic than others. Let's say a dupe has an immune system capable of withstanding 100,000 germ power. Food poisoning germs have a power of 1.0, so a duplicant would need to have 100,001 of them in them for their immunity to start dropping. But slimelung, a much more fierce disease, has a power of 5.0 so it would only take 20,001 of those to start the incubation process.

The incubation speed would affect the speed at which the disease is lowering the dupe's immunity after it begins to take effect. So for instance food poisoning would reduce it by 1% every minute, and slimelung by 5% every minute.

These two features could be merged together to make things less complicated, but separating them would allow for more variations of diseases. All in all they would only determine the aggressiveness and speed of the disease, not its severity. For instance there could be some funky disease that gets the dupe's immunity system in trouble very quickly and makes them vulnerable to other things (high germ power) but in itself is both very slow acting and not severe at all (say takes 20 cycles to drop from 100% to 0% on its own and ends up making them occasionally sneeze). It would not be dangerous at all, UNLESS such dupe was exposed to other diseases that make use of it. Just an example of how this system could make diseases interactive, more complex, and even something to consider in relation to one another.

Disclaimer: The numbers are complete and utter asspulls entirely devoid of balance :p I'm just pondering about concepts here.

Easy setting: no changes necessary

4. Diseases & other health problems

a) Food poisoning:

causes vomitting [Easy: doesn't cause vomitting]

cured by 1 dose of medicine

plus default effects

b) Hypothermia

reduces the germ power resistance to 50% (so if a dupe would start to get sick at 100,001 germs, now 50,001 will be enough to start the process)

plus default effects (whatever they are, I know they sneeze, that's kinda all I've noticed)

c) Slimelung

can kill dupe if left untreated - requires medicine! [Easy: can't and doesn't]

plus default effects

d) Heatstroke

makes the dupe stop in their tracks/lie down for a while every now and then significantly slowing down their progress towards hopes and dreams

I've no idea what it does right now, lol

e) Zambo spores

starts with the default effects, but requires medicine or the dupe will turn into a zombie! Brrrrainssss... [Easy: can't go into zombie mode, doesn't require medicine]

f) Allergies

DOES NOT COUNT towards germ power calculations! Isn't actually germs. Makes the dupes slowly spiral into the dark pit of depression and hopelessness where they dream about ripping their noses off and tearing their tear ducts out and scratch--- *sneezes, blows her nose, gets the 3524234th nosebleed today* sorry. I mean. What was I saying?


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