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Need Help With Modding / Invisible Sample Character

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hello everyone! im having some trouble with modding , im trying to make a character with the tutorials i found :


the only problem is that i did both of what the tutorials did , but was only at the testing part , when i spawn in the world my character is invisible after i renamed all the files , both manually and by renamer , ive wanted to make alot of mods with it but i don't know how to  

im more likely to respond on discord , yet ill just post it if you ask if youd like to help me on there for spam 


proof 1.PNG

proof 2.PNG

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There are two ways to go about this. Either you learn to use Spriter and the Don't Starve mod tools to edit the animations and compile animations and TEX/XML files, or you painstakingly go through each XML and Lua file using a text editor (I recommend Notepad++) fixing all the references to fit the renaming you did on the files.

Whatever you do, do get the Don't Starve mod tools. Install: Steam => hover mouse over "Library" => Tools => Don't Starve Mod Tools.

Here's a tutorial for custom player animations, which should include how to juggle animation and TEX files.

But the tutorial you linked, they already tell you what you're supposed to do.


Now on to renaming the rest of the files.
In the bigportraits and images folders, there are many .png, .tex, and .xml files. We want to change the name of the .png files to replace esctemplate with your characters names. While you can change the names of the .tex and .xml files, it's not necessary since the compiler will rebuild these files, so you can actually delete these and let them re-appear with your character's name when compiling.

Go to the exported folder. There are two or three folders, esctemplate, esctemplate_cleared, and if you're modding DST, ghost_esctemplate_build. For now, you can ignore esctemplate_cleared (if you want) since that's only there for reference, but you should rename the other two to your character's name, and also the .scml files inside them.

Finally, let's go to the anim folder.
You'll see one or two .zip files, esctemplate.zip, and if you're modding DST, ghost_esctemplate_build.zip. These aren't quite easy to rename, since it requires also changing the name within build.bin to work. But you don't need to. The contents of the exported folder will compile into this folder, so you can just delete these. New ones will appear, already renamed to your character's name.

Now our character should be fully renamed. It's a good idea to test the mod at this point to see if we've done this correctly.

So, you're supposed to delete the TEX and XML files, leaving only the PNG files. Anyway, these are the correct steps, but they only work if you have Don't Starve mod tools installed.

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