Character motivations should matter more in Negotiations

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So currently, unlike in Battles where your teammates always join your side, in Negotiations NPCs will choose their sides solely based on their relationship with you. This leads to ridiculous situations where

(minor story spoiler ahead)

The captain of a smuggle ship, and his customer's bouncer, both join the Admiralty's side arguing AGAINST the release of the package/end of the quarantine, the very reason they were here in the first place:


(For people that don't know, Topo is friend with the Assassin during second night's rest event, so if you kill the Assassin she'll hate your guts. You can still convince her to join you on third night's mission though.)


On a side note, I find it's actually more useful to have Topo dislike you and don't train your pet for Negotiations: They provide two starting Arguments for your opponent, so if you have some dominance/argument related grafts, you can basically Dominance->Evil Eye->Overbear for like 20-30+ damage on turn 1 for just 2 Actions.

On the other hand if you train your pet, you can Elucidate and Bolster for like 20 damage a turn. Good times.

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