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Structure animation

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1) If all you want is to use the mushlight animations, then you can use the handy build renamer tool.

I am assuming you just extracted the .png from the .tex file and just changed the images. You can try recompiling the .tex and copying the .build using the buildrenamer tool in the link above to change the name of the build to w.e. you want. You can then ignore the .anim file and in your code use the animation of the mushlight while using the build of your new light.


2) If you can successfully decompile the mushlight animations using the krane

Then you can just make your own tweaks and make your own .anim and .build when you recompile them. Make sure to change the names of the anim bank and spriter file so as to not conflict with the mushlight in game.


3) Or if you have experience or feel up for the challenge make it from scratch in spriter.


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