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Mafic Rock and Liquid Pipes

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This isn't really something that is new with the patch, as it's been this way ever since Mafic was added in Cosmic upgrade, but it's sort of been curious oversight and it would be nice to see it fixed, even if it's not really a serious issue and more of an inconsistency.

Basically, Mafic rock has a conductivity of 1.00, while most other rock types have 2.00 (Igneous/Sedimentary/Obsidian) or even higher then that for Sandstone/Granite. This means it's the best rock type for Insulated pipes (SHC doesn't really matter for Insulated stuff as it's more about preventing heat transfer) if you don't have enough Ceramic (which is 0.62 I think). Note that this IS slightly more relevant since the preview upgrade as some of the new maps don't even have natural Clay meaning you would have to produce all your clay via PO2 offgassing and deoderizing.

Now you can make Insulated Tiles/Gas Pipes out of Mafic Rock, but you can't make Liquid Pipes out of it. From what I can tell this is an oversight borne out of something that was added very early in development but never looked at since other changes were made. 

Storytime: Basically, back in the old days (years ago at this point), Radiant pipes weren't in the game yet (Neither were Aquatuners either), but people were trying to build all kinds of radiators for various purposes (the dark days of granite pipe radiators). So Klei decided to allow people to build liquid pipes out of Wolframite, since at the time there was no refined metal either and it was the most conductive element players had access to. Later they added radiant pipes and refined metal for this purpose, but by this point the liquid pipes already had their own 'special' list of buildable materials, separate from gas pipes or other 'built out of rock' buildings. Tungsten seems to share the same 'tag' as Wolframite and was added to the list for liquid pipes/insulated liquid pipes automatically when refined metal was added to the game, but the point is, this is the origin of why liquid pipes have their own special category of build able materials. Now this didn't matter at the time, since Mafic rock didn't exist yet. However later when the Cosmic Upgrade came out, the 'buildable out of rock' tables were updated to include it, but it seems the liquid pipe specific list was never updated, and Mafic was never added to it, hence why we can't use Mafic for liquid pipes but can for gas pipes/insulated tile.

Basically before Radiant pipes existed, having a special list of materials for liquid pipes that included conductive materials like wolframite made sense, but with Radiant pipes it doesn't anymore, and this was never changed. Which seems to have resulted in Mafic ending up not being added to that table either, causing the current inconsistency with build materials between liquid and gas pipes.

So I would like to see liquid pipes updated to be consistent with Gas pipes in this regard, as I don't think it would break anything to allow Mafic Insulated Liquid Pipes; Ceramic would still be better anyways, and you can already make Gas Pipes/Insulated tiles out of Mafic anyways.

On a slightly related note, would be cool to see Insulated Plastic Tile/Insulated Plastic Pipe, as plastic is actually a great insulator currently (0.15 conductivity I think) but without the 32x multiplier for insulation it's not actually usable for this purpose compared to other alternatives. While this would be much a stronger insulator then ceramic, it would still have the drawbacks of said plastic pipes/tiles melting at 160C unlike Ceramic pipes/tiles, and in general it's harder to make an equal mass of Plastic then Ceramic (so it being 'stronger' would make sense), plus it would provide more usefulness for plastic in the long term. Although I would be the first to admit this would hardly be an important addition as plastic insulation would be pretty situational in practice due to the low melting point, which is why I don't expect to see this actually implemented.

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