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Is Shipwrecked, RoG and Hamlet connected

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So let’s get the obvious one out of the way Wagstaff is in Hamlet so it’s connected to the story. I guess RoG is connected to but shipwrecked is the odd one out the characters are not in dst so it’s a little harder but notice how when going to shipwrecked it reminds me of how you enter the forge and gorge the seaworthy is a portal the character jumps into a portal and Maxwell doesn’t seem to be aware of the stuff in shipwrecked the forge and gorge (can’t remember what he says in those but if he knows about forge stuff and gorge stuff correct me) or Hamlet but Wagstaff is a Hamlet character so I don’t know but I think they could be connected but the way you get to Hamlet is on a air balloon and shipwrecked a ship so about that I think the character is teleported to shipwrecked and Hamlet world from a ship and hot air balloon then crashes it after that they end up in Hamlet and shipwrecked that’s just what I think thanks for reading

EDIT: so I completely forgot about floaty boat knights and the teleportato so I can’t explain that maybe They put the teleportato and floaty boat knights in shipwrecked and Hamlet

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