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Warly refresh speculations

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These are few points that I think are going to happen.

1. Absent in DST world, cloth is replaced with steel wool in Chef Pouch recipe.

2. Chef Pouch no longer acts as backpack, instead, it becomes Bundling wrap-like item, that always consumes single inventory slot even when empty, has 4 slots to be filled with items and can be opened anytime at no cost. Food placed inside spoils at 0,5 rate.

3. Insulated backpack suddenly becomes decent item combined with bunch of Chef Pouches placed inside (due to spoilage rate being halved twice by each container) - food spoils at 0,5*0,5=0,25 rate.

4. Portable crock pots can be crafted and destroyed like a regular structure. There's also no limit of how many portable crock pots a player can carry or place in the world.

5. Portable crock pots can be picked up only by Warly players, but can be used for cooking by anyone. Warly's exclusive recipes can also be cooked by anyone, but only in portable crock pots.

6. Only 2 out of 4 original exclusive recipes are present due to absence of Mussels and Sweet Potatoes. These recipes are replaced by 2 new DST-exclusive recipes.


1. Due to change of Chef Pouch, Warly suddenly becomes more of explorer (due to ability to carry 4 times more stuff) and hunter (for ewecus, to obtain more steel wool).

2. As portable crock pots take up less space and can also be placed more densely (by dropping instead of right-click placing), ice boxes can be surrounded by a greater amount of pots than before. This allows people to cook more stuff at the same time.

3. Ewecus no longer wander around for seasons - they are being killed in few days after they've been found for their precious wool. People also no longer complain about getting steel wool from loot stash's presents.

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