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Remove the smallest Unit for Materials

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the title might not be perfect so here the idear:

One of the problems for lag are the many stacks of materials that interact in the lategame. (Temperature, Build Orders etc)

One reason we have so many stacks is that we are capped at 25 ton stacks.

This is caused through the integer limiter.

We could change this to 25 Megatons (or 25 000 Tons) if we remove the (nearly) never used microgramm (or: 0,000001 gram). 

The only case where i have seen microgramm is while pumping an vacuum or with the sweeper bug.


If this step is to big: Then i would atleast suggest to change the smallest amount to 10 microgramm. 

That way we can still store 250 Ton in one stack. 


Or change the Value to an double value. that would support near limitless Max Values .

Well it would also increase memory usage. But memory is cheaper then cpu processing power...

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