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New Materials / New Materials for Building

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Dear Kley
Nowadays we have a lot of materials in real life and in the game (launch update)
i would like to make a suggestion to increase even more the number of materials so a lot of new schemes can be made.
The materials could be found in space or in the biomes. The materials are below:

1) Silver, used for high themal conductivity

2) Uranium, used for next tier energy generation ( nuclear energy)

3) Lead, contain the radioactivity of the nuclear energy plus have a low boiling point

4) Nitrogen, a gas which could be used to feed some new plants/ help grow resources in new animals.

5)Lets spread the plastic since we have a lot of typs of plastic materials, I propose 2 new plastic materials.
5.1) Polyethylene used for common buildings materials ( the ones that we have in the game)
5.2) PBO a high melting point polymer could be used for the ladders in space or in hot areas.

6)Charcoal, we could refine lumber from the new plants to create charcoal as a new energy resource

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