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The new patch, hazards and view distance.

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So the new patch introduced new asteroid types in order to increase variety and thereby increase replayability.

I haven't played enough to actually comment on the new content yet but so far I worry it might not achieve this.

Because of the modularity of base building and the ability to contain stuff the different asteroids feel less like different levels or worlds and more like you have the same car but with different options from the dealership.  Kind of like how before if you happened to get a volcano you might build a petroleum boiler.  It was just a nice thing that you either get or don't get.   I do think that the Volcanea world actually does feel like a different world because it has so much magma and it seems to cut through biomes.

I remember one of the first times I went into the oil biome and having the oil gush up and flood into my tunnels and how exciting that was learning that oil was pressurized and could expand.  I think 2 things would achieve the desired effects of the new update.

1.  The different asteroids should have features that cut through all the biomes, instead of just having a different set of biomes and temperatures and some having more rock than others.  Sort of make the other worlds do what the volcano world does.  You might have a world with fissure like voids that cut through the biomes and all contain one type of high pressure exotic gas.  Like chlorine or sour gas or maybe steam.  Or maybe high pressure liquid pockets that gush, like liquid methane pockets or something.  Or maybe pockets of vacuum.  

2.  Make an option that allows you to only see what is on the surface instead of being able to see 30 tiles away and just work around everything and contain everything and then make the geysers and volcanos not start off covered up by rock so that they are actually active so you have pockets of the material that they spew out.   Anything that you can see from 30 tiles away is just not a hazard and is instead more of a tedious containment job.  Not only that but being able to see so far away allows you to just immediately tunnel to where all of the resources you need are instead of actually needing to actually dig around to find where they are a 1 tile wide ladder extending through a biome let's you explore like 75% of the biome.

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