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  1. For some reason this tile is blocking my oil well from being built, even though I am able to build when non neutronium tiles occupy that space if I delete it in debug mode it works, I guess I'll just do that. The Acidic Beyond.sav
  2. So what I'm curious about is when he talks about pips not planting wild plants too close together. Is this only meant for the purposes of making sure arbor trees can grow their branches out, or does this apply across the board and mean it's impossible to make a wild farm comprised of many adjacent non-arbor plants?
  3. My metal refinery has 45 tons of steam stored inside of it. Refinery Water Bug.sav
  4. So I'm in debug mode and I built a system to try and condense sour gas, using four thermo regulators and hydrogen gas, I built the intermediate pipes longer to prevent it from saying the pipe is blocked every 1/2 second but it seems to happen with short pipes too. What the bug is is that right now I'm looking at my gas pipes inputs and out puts for my thermo regulators and they read from left to right inputs and outputs: [-73, -86], [-82, -64], [-60, -43], [-37, -52]. So it appears that sometimes the thermoregulators are heating up the gas rather than cooling it. I am in the QOL mk 1 update. bugged thermoregulator.sav