Dont Starve Switch quality of life improvements

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So ive been playing dont starve on my switch for roughly 30 hours, and i have a couple of ideas that could be added to the switch version.

-Add a way to zoom in/out

-Add a way to mute insanity noises

-Add an option to disable the insanity red veins on the border of the screen and the color change

-Let us choose smaller worlds, not just medium or large

-Let us disable the insanity blur, it gives me headaches after a while and it gets really annoying

-Add hamlet (i assume this one will come eventually)

These are all my quality of life improvements that i could think of, so if you have opinions on em be sure to talk about em here, and if you have more improvements that u think that could be good for the switch edition just write em down here, lets hope that klei pays attention to us

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