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I'm trying to add a recipe for the mooncaller staff, but the code keeps crashing my game.


AddRecipe("opalstaff", {Ingredient("opalpreciousgem", 1), Ingredient("livinglog", 1), Ingredient("nightmarefuel" , 2)}, RECIPETABS.CELESTIAL, TECH.CELESTIAL_THREE, nil, nil, nil, nil)

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You look like you need the newcomer post. It'll tell you where to find the log files and how to debug your mod.

Looking at what you have here, though, I can tell you that there is no such thing as CELESTIAL_THREE. There's a CELESTIAL_ONE, though. If you REALLY want the recipe to require a 3 in CELESTIAL (can you even get 3?), you can replace TECH.CELESTIAL_THREE with { CELESTIAL = 3 }

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