After playing the game for 3 mins the game starts lagging horibly. Need help

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Hello my friend suggested me to play this game so I buyed it and downloaded it. After playing for a while (alone server) it started lagging so much that it was unbeareble. I tried all of the things to increase fps in the game but nothing worked... (sadly) 

I would love if someone helped me...

My steam name is : Drsnoland (Omwat) Pic of a toby dog.

My notebook info : Windows 7 profesional 32 bit

               Graphic : Ati Radeon Xpress 1150

               processor : Mobile AMD Sempron processor 3500+ 1,80 GHz

               RAM : 2,00GB 1,87 Useble


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Looking at your specs and at your report I'm pretty sure your System is running out of RAM as it loads the map. To avoid crashing it stores part of the RAM on your hard drive, which is A LOT slower than your RAM. (talking of magnitudes of factor ~x100000)

There are just a few things you can try:

1. If you've been hosting a server fromm your own PC, try playing on another server. For example a public one, or one hosted by your friend.
2. Switch to netbook mode in your graphics settings. (It reduces Texture Size and therefore lowers RAM requirements.)
3. Upgrade to more RAM because nowadays 2Gb of total RAM is quite low. (Or upgrade your entire PC for that matter.)

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