Overworld Invalid Token after leaving cave

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I started the server with the cluster token generated by using TheNet:GenerateClusterToken() from the chosen world, no problem.

My friend and I join the server, no problem.

We enter the caves, no problem.

We spend a few days (2~3 days) in caves, no problem.

We leave the cave (not from the same stairs we went into), problem.
Disconnected because the s erver is unavailable.
Looking into the server log file, I was prompted that the token was no longer valid.

Please help :<



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Daniel86268    364

I never encountered an issue like that where your token becomes invalid.

The only things I can imagine is that either your firewall is for some reason blocking the connection of your server to the Klei verification servers, or that something around the token got messed up, and you can fix it by generating a new token (and placing it into your server.)

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