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How to change the world setting ?

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I try to change the file "leveldataoverride.lua",but it doesn 't work. For example ,I generated a world, the dragonfly was set to normal, then I change this fileĀ ,setting dragonfly to always,but it still doesn 't work when I don't regenerate the world.Now I don't want to start a new world,but just change the world settings, how can I do this ?

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The correct file is called worldgenoverride.lua as described here. Afterwards you have to generate a new map.

Alternatively you can use the command:

TheWorld.topology.overrides.dragonfly = "always"

On an existing map as a command either ingame or on the server cli. Keep in mind that you have to execute it on the server side, and not on the client side. ("Remote: " in front of the console ingame, or straight up on the server cli.)

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