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Help with propagator

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Just need to know why this piece here is behaving strange. I want to modify the settings of fire spreading in standardcomponent.

GLOBAL.MakeSmallPropagator = function (inst)
    inst.components.propagator.acceptsheat = true
    inst.components.propagator.flashpoint = 5 + math.random()*5
    inst.components.propagator.decayrate = 1
    inst.components.propagator.propagaterange = 3
    inst.components.propagator.heatoutput = 8
    inst.components.propagator.damagerange = 2
    inst.components.propagator.damages = true
    return inst

Putting this in modmain works but only the last two inst (damagerange and the boolean damages) Any idea why? The fire will not spread at all.

Thanks in advance i'm new to coding. Just trying to reversal engineering.

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